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Pittsburgh Trivia Quiz
Peabody High School Trivia
Class of 1965
These Trivia questions were provided by Richard Bassett. If you have your own trivia regarding Peabody, please forward them to the webmaster.

1. What time did the late bell ring for homeroom in the morning?
    a. 8:30
    b. 8:40
    c. 8:45
    d. 9:00

2. How long were our lunch periods?
    a. 20 minutes
    b. 30 minutes
    c. 40 minutes

3. Miss Wilson (closest person we had to a nurse) had the same remedy for all illnesses. What was it?
    a. Peppermint juice.
    b. Two Aspirin
    c. Alka Seltzer
    d. Listerine

4. How long was our school day? Including Lunch.
    a. 5 hours 45 minutes
    b. 6 hours 20 minutes
    c. 6 hours 40 minutes
    d. 6 hours 55 minutes

5. We had a different counselor for each grade. Can you name all 3 and the grade?

6. What did we call the method of payment for our lunch?

7. Where did we buy streetcar passes?

8. How many times a year did we get report cards?
    a. 4 times
    b. 6 times
    c. 8 times

9. Where did we settle our disputes?

10. What constituted opening exercises in homeroom each morning? (3 items)

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