Recent addition in "Yellow" lettering

In Memory of our Lost Classmates

Miss us, dear Classmates.
Remember Us.
But Do Not Mourn for Us;
Yea, Cease.

For In Our Final Resting Place,
We Have Eternal Peace...

God Bless, Well Done, Be Thou At Peace

Jack Matey
Jan 7, 2023
Hall Comm

Maxine Unikel
Oct. 26, 2022
Clionian, Co-op, Spanish, College Board Prep, Intramural Sports

Albert C. Packer
April 15, 2022
Photo, Mootor Traffic, Chess

David Borowski
June 30, 2022
Track, Aero-Officer, Intramural Sports

Neil I Smolar
April 24, 2022
Photo-Officer, Projectionists, Hall Comm., Stage Crew, Civitan

Ronald Dieringer
Oct. 15, 2008
Hall Comm-Officer

Howard Shapiro
Dec. 20, 2021
Keystone Travelers, Math, College Boards, Intramural Sports

Kenneth Siegel
Feb. 11, 2021
Keystone Travelers, Foreign Affairs, Stamp and Coin, Photo

Joseph Fabiano
Dec. 25, 2020

Francis Fuhrer
Oct. 20, 2021
Intramural Sports

Mary Hausler
Sept. 19, 2021
Jr. Red Cross-officer, Palette and Brush, Cafe Comm, Yearbook Solicitor, Intramural Sports

Ellen Puwaloski
Feb. 5, 2021
Library Comm., FHA, Clionian, College Board, Philosophy, Intramural Sports

Perry Haalman
Dec. 4, 2020

Stuart Mallinger
Nov. 2, 2020
Homeroom Officer, Stamp and Coin, Track Team, Intramural Sports, Drafting, Field Comm

Ronald Pint
Sept. 28, 2020
Homeroom Officer, Intramural Sports, Hall Comm.

Wayne Shatkoff
Sept. 6, 2020
Stamp and Coin

Emanuel Gay
August 27, 2020
Letterman, Track Team, Football Team, Volley Ball Team, Varsity Band, Intramural Sports

Leonard Elter
Sept. 2, 2012
Intramural Sports

Joy Hammer
July 20, 2019
National Honor, Leaders, Library Comm., Sr. Orchestra, F.T.A., Clionian, French, College Board Prep, Keystone Travelers, Harmony, Intramural Sports

Robert Tortorete
March 24, 2020

Patrtick Conley
Feb. 1, 2020
Hall Comm, Track, Intramural Sports

Kathleen Montgomery
Aug. 22, 2002

Jim Deer
April 12, 2019
Homeroom Officer, Track Team, Crucible, Intramural Sports

Gwendolyn Miller
March 31, 2019
Jr. Red Cross, Palette and Brush, Locker Comm.

Donna Brudnock
March 29, 2019
Jr. Red Cross - Officer, Latin, Pep, Intramural Sports

Robert W Grine
Nov. 26, 2017
Debate, Chess, Clionian, Intramural Sports

Carol Leseman
Feb. 15, 2019

Vincent Aliberti
Dec. 30, 2018
Letterman Football team, Track Team, Homeroom Officer

Stanley Uhrin
April 25, 2018
Football team, Intramural Sports

Paul A. DeLuca
March 22, 2018
Photo, Intramural Sports

Donna Butkiewicz
Nov, 2013
Library Comm, Coop

Judith Klein
Nov. 9, 2017
Homeroom Officer, Student Council, Poetry College Board Prep, Debate, Intramural Sports

Raoul Rapneth
Sept. 15, 2017
Football Team, Intramual Sports, Drafting

Edward McMurray
Aug. 21, 2017
Swim Team, Lettermen, Intramual Sports, Motor Traffic

Marilyn Alter
Jan. 25, 2017
Majorettes, Leaders, Philosophy, College Board Prep, Keystone Travels, Pep, Intramual Sports, Homeroom Officer, Clionian

Robert (Bobby) Hoyer
July 17, 2016
Keystone Travelers, Foreign Affairs, Spanish, Clionian, Bilogy, Book Discussion

Richard R. Earl
May 10, 2016
Cafeteria Comm, Homeroom Off, Intramual Sports

Diana L Regan
Dec. 21, 2004

Maurice Levy
March 14, 2016
Master Math Teacher

Jeffery C. Woolslare
Feb. 11, 2016
Intramual Sports

Mary Fran Collier
Jan. 9, 2016
F.H.A., Prep, Intramual Sports

Douglas Henderson
Oct. 4, 2011

Sandy Tannenbaum
Nov. 7, 2015
Homeroom Officer, Swimming Team,
Palette & Brush, Intramural sports, Planning Comm, Field Comm

Ms. Rose Trattner
Sept. 20, 2015
Homeroom 230, English

Ronald E. Sammel
June 27, 2015
Photo, Aero

Kathleen Clipper
July 30, 2014

Sharon B. Caplan
July 9, 2013
Jr. Red Cross

Tony Lederer
Jan 10, 1968 KIA Viet Nam Wall
Intramural Sports

Leonard Kubiak
April 6, 2013
Peabody Advisor and later Principle

Lettie M Walls
March 1, 2013
Intramural Sports, Pep

Pam Stevens
Dec. 14, 2012
Sr. Choir, Projectionist, Motor Traffic, Red Cross, Hall Comm., Homeroom Officer, Intramural Sports

Bayla Lipsitz
Dec, 21, 2012
Intramural Sports, Book Discussion, Philosophy, Homeroom Officer, Yearbook Solicitor, Keystone Travelers, Debate

Frank O'Hara
June 9, 2012
Football Team, Letterman, Intramural Sports

Ralph Trussell
Sept. 21, 2010
Intramural Sports, Cafeteria Comm.

Judy Davis
April 24, 2010
Homeroom Officer, Leaders, FTA., Clionian, Jr. & Sr. Latin, Book Discussion

Michael Robin
Aug. 12, 2010
Homeroom Officer, German-officer, Hall Comm., Track Team, Intramural Sports

Lenny Glick
July 14, 2010
Sr. Choir, Sr. Band, German, Intramural Sports

Albert Marcus
July 23, 2009
Sr. Choir, Masque and Wig, Spanish, Book Discussion, Intramural Sports, Track Team, Pep

Louis Petraglia
July 28, 2009
Sr Latin, Cafeteria Committee, Intranural Sports

Nigel Akerman
Feb. 11, 1965

Jack Bendel
Dec. 20, 2004
Chess, Projectionist

Paul Bloom
May 10, 2004
Homeroom Officer, Keystone Travelers, Lettermen, Motor Traffic, Intramural Sports, Tennis, Volleyball, Basketball

Fran Ellen Botnik Katz
June 20, 1995
Harmony, Sr. Orchestra

Janet Campbell
Oct. 23, 2005

Richard H. Taylor
July 29, 1967
Viet Nam Wall
Cafeteria Committee

Edward Cohen
May 6, 2002
Swimming, Track, Drafting, Math, Photo, Intramural Sports, Chem. Squad

Wilbert D'Angelo
Chess Club, Keystone Travelers

William Freker
Cafeteria Committee

Harry Freeman
Intramural Sports

Susan A Goldstein
June 25, 1994
Co-op, College Board Prep, Library Committee, Intramural Sports

Sandra Heard
Jan. 11, 2003
Pep, Biology, French

William Holland
June 1, 1991
Hall Committee, Football Team, Intramural Sports, Homebound Committee

George Howard
Intramural Sports

Lula Kappernaros - Aug. 1, 2006
Homeroom Officer, F.B.L.A., F.H.A., Jr. Red Cross, Motor Traffic, Co-op

Anthony Lederer
Viet Nam Wall
Intramural Sports

Anthony Mastro
Nov, 2003
Intramural Sports

Patty McCurdy
July 14, 2009
Intramural Sports, Homeroom Office, F.B.L.A., Co-op

Allen W. McLaughlin
Keystone Travelers, Aero, Key, Crucible

James West
July 24, 2004
Keystone Travelers

Robert K. Miller
May 26, 1973

Mary Montgomery
Mar. 27, 1997
Locker Committee, Intramural Sports

Sandra Oliver
Feb 15, 2004
Library Committee, Pulse, Intramural Sports

Max W. Pepper
July 4, 1986
Civitan, Chem Squad, Crucible, Math, Aero, Jr. Latin, Intramural Sports

Janis R. Pollock Lerman
May 15, 1978
Homeroom Officer, Palette & Brush, Poetry, Spanish, Intramural Sports, Clionian, Crucible

Arlene Ricketts
Aug.27, 1998
Homeroom Officer, F.H.A., Co-op, Jr. Red Cross, Jr. Dramatics, F.B.L.A., Motor Traffic, Pep, Intramural Sports

Robert L. Rubenstein
Apr. 16, 2003
Homerrom Officer, Jr. Dramatics, Sr. Spanish, Track Team, Intramural Sports, Clionian, Key, Yearbook Staff - EDITOR

Stephen Sagi II
Dec. 30, 2002
Hall Committee, Intramural Sports

Frederic J. Scott
April 9, 1973
Jr. Dramatics, French, Debate, Foreign Affairs, Homeroom Officer, Tennis Team, Sr. Planning Committee, Intramural Sports

Jack R. Shegog, Jr
Oct. 10, 1976
Chemistry, Biology, Intramural Sports

Nicholas P. Silvio
Dec. 3, 2001

Brenda Street
March 6, 2002
Intramural Sports, Pep

Frank A. Szolis
Dec. 29, 1988
F.B.L.A., Homeroom Officer, Student Council, Intramural Sports